Friday, June 1, 2007

Barefoot Books in Spanish to the Rescue

Before I continue with my other goals and aspirations for my blog and new business, I need to share a completely awesome and exciting experience. My son's good friend and swim team buddy, Ryan S., is celebrating his 9th birthday very soon. Instead of having the typical 9 year old birthday celebration with friends, games and many presents, Ryan is hosting a charity birthday party! He is requesting that his family, friends and classmates bring gently used and new books to his party to benefit Reach Out and Read.

ROR is a "national non-profit organization that promotes early literacy by giving new books to children." Many of these children are in remote areas that are serviced by volunteers from the American Academy of Pediatrics. As these dedicated physicians and nurses give medical attention to poverty-stricken children, they also place in these small hands the key to a wonderful world of imagination and joy--a book of their own! Can you imagine a world where all children do not know the joys of reading?

Ryan could not believe that there are children in our world that do not have books of their own! Spanish books are in particular demand so he and his family asked if I could order some Barefoot Books Spanish titles to add to the donations that he hopes to collect at his party! My son and I had a great time deciding what books would be perfect to order for the ROR donation and used my discount allowance to choose more Spanish titles for him to bring to Ryan's party! What an inspiration for my son and other children to see the efforts of Ryan and his family to bring books to small hands!

Please check out Share with your children, family and friends Ryan's story! Think about children's hands that have never had the opportunity to open a book of their own---you can help!

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debbie said...

I am so impressed - what a great idea. I shall look for something similar in the UK. I found your blog through barefoot bloggers. Best of luck with your business and blog!